Dialysis:History, Development and Promise

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To confirm availability, we recommend calling the store on 02 Reviews This book is pleasant to read while offering a comprehensive and in-depth view of how indispensable dialysis has become, as well as making especially young nephrologists aware of the newest developments in the prescription and monitoring of dialysis therapy. Tab Content 6 Author Website :.

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Dialysis: History, Development and Promise

Your cart is empty. Ironically as it turns out, in that very same year, a new Labor government came to power in Australia with a highly popular platform to introduce universal healthcare for all.

A stated and rapidly legislated subtext of that platform was that all dialysis modalities and regimens would be provided, free of charge, and at any site home or centre , for any and all Australians who might reach end-stage renal failure [ 2 ]. That promise rapidly translated to legislation, and has remained in place to this day.

Dialysis. History, development, and promise

So, here are two countries—so similar in many ways—yet with starkly divergent political policies around dialysis, both hatched contemporaneously. Not surprisingly and in relative terms, home dialysis continued to flourish in Australia, while it progressively withered across the US.

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In the US, cumulative home peritoneal and haemodialysis was 8. In the US, where profit-taking still dominates dialysis-delivery models, the lack of a profit margin in home management has remained a disincentive to growth in home care. This is so, despite clear data that demonstrates better outcomes and survival in home care programs [ 6 ].

Dialysis: History, Development and Promise

In Europe, the development of home hemodialysis in the UK quickly triggered a similar interest in France, then Italy [ 7 ]. But no parallel legislative framework emerged to regulate home therapies.

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Like in the US, hemodialysis reimbursement policies in most European countries strongly favored for-profit centre-based care. Only recently have European patient associations and governments—perhaps encouraged by a trifecta of perceived positives: lower costs, better outcomes, and enhanced mobility—begun to rekindle a widening interest in home dialysis.

Finally, mending bridges in the largely lost concept of patient-physician cooperation and partnership is a critical factor [ 8 ].


In the last decade, there has been some positive movement in home hemodialysis in the US. That said, home practice patterns remain vastly different. This remarkable work is a must-read not only for healthcare providers in the dialysis industry, but also for patients, dialysis equipment manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Dialysis: History, Development and Promise

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