Falling Back Into Sin

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When the heart is still alive and not dead by the effect of the sin, it keeps regretting and feeling bad. So be grateful to Allah that your heart is in that condition.

2. Know God is not mad, neither is he surprised

We, as human beings, are bound to sin; this is a fact. No one is sinless after the Prophet. The Prophet stated that all the sons of Adam are sinners and that the best of them are the repentant ones. So our job after fulfillment of the Tawheed pure monotheism and being a Muslim is to be always in a state of repentance. There are two types of people with regards to sinning. One type of people do not really care, and they are persistent, they are in great danger if they do not repent to Allah.

As for the others, they are constantly repenting to Allah, and never persistent in sin. Every time they fall into sin, they immediately repent to Allah.

A 10 Step Plan to Fall Back into Sin

They are the successful ones. Shaytan the devil has many ways to lead people astray, one of which is to make sinners despair of the forgiveness and Mercy of Allah. He would whisper to the sinners that they are so evil that Allah will not forgive their sins till they give up repenting to Allah, in order for them to join the first type, that of the persistent sinners. Knowing that, it is important to remain steadfast in repentance and never give Shaytan hope that you will give up on the Mercy of Allah. At the same time, you should take the truthful means to quit the sin and never commit it again.

If you become weak and commit the sin, then repent, and never quit repentance. Only cults expect you to be accountable to someone, letting them know what you are dealing with and accepting their advice for how to overcome. You need to avoid partnering with someone for purposes of accountability at all costs. That just gives too much power to another person in your life. Nobody else wants to be burdened with your emotional and spiritual stuff. Besides, if you told them, someone somewhere would just end up judging you.

Never share with them the sins you have committed, the things that trigger your temptations or even just the emotions you feel. Never let them know you are feeling any of those things right now.

When a Person Falls from Grace

Instead, just keep it on the inside. If possible, figure out some way to escape those emotions like playing a video game, watching a movie, smoking a joint, drinking some liquor, raging, getting vengeance on someone, eating some ice cream, looking at pornography.

Your life stinks right now because no one else is giving you what you expect from them and what you rightfully deserve from them. At all costs, you must avoid anything that looks like selflessness or personal sacrifice. Instead of serving others, simply complain about how no one is serving you. If you keep doing that, you might find things that help you keep from sinning.

Why Do I Keep Doing The Same Sin Over And Over Again?

You might find the encouragement, comfort, strength, hope and faith to keep relying on God in the troubled times you face. You might learn about people who have faced exactly what you are facing and overcame by the grace and power of God working in their lives.

Falling Back into Sin

This will, no doubt, be extremely detrimental to your plan to fall back into sin. Just set it on your coffee table. Carry it with you to church if you decide to go. This is an absolute must. If you spend too much time praying, you might remember that the only way you can stay out of sin is to surrender your life to Him and let Him run it.

Why Do I Struggle with Sins I've Repented Of?: How Can I Overcome Sins? | United Church of God

That would be a real mistake on your path to fall back into sin. Additionally, if you keep praying you might realize you can get from Him all the things you are trying to get out of your sins—the peace, comfort, emotional support, help through pain, etc. Of course, if you feel the need to keep up with your Christian homework by saying your daily prayers, that can be okay. Keep that tucked away on the inside. Study This. Hebrews Hebrews 9 Hebrews Hebrews in all English translations.

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