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People who know him seem to like him, but Miramar has barely more than , residents.

Can he win? Sure, Messam won a national championship as a wide receiver for the Florida State Seminoles. Can he win the presidency?

Um, no. Why did he want to run? Who wanted him to run?

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Practically no one. By the time he dropped out, de Blasio was polling at 0 percent even in New York. De Blasio was the tallest candidate since Bill Bradley, in Both men are 6 foot 5. Gillibrand has been a senator from New York since , replacing Hillary Clinton. Before that, she served in the U.

Gillibrand dropped out of the race on August 28 after failing to qualify for the third debate. She had launched her campaign officially on March Why did she want to run? Once a fairly conservative Democrat, she has moved left in recent years. Who wanted her to run? Vanishingly few voters. While Gillibrand entered the race as a big name, she struggled to gain the polling or donors needed to stay in debates, much less make a play for the nomination. Just like you, she hated the Game of Thrones finale and is mad online about it.

A third-term congressman from Massachusetts, Moulton graduated from Harvard, then served in the Marines in Iraq. Moulton, who announced his campaign on April 22, left the race on August Almost no one. Moulton never gained much attraction, and some polls found him polling at precisely zero. Inslee is a second-term governor of Washington, and was previously in the U. Inslee announced on August 21 that he was ending his campaign. Climate change. Inslee generated excitement from climate activists, but never gained enough attention from the broad Democratic electorate to gain traction.

Abrams ran unsuccessfully for governor of Georgia in and was previously the Democratic leader in the state House. Abrams will instead focus on advocating against voter suppression, The New York Times reported on August Abrams has drawn excitement from young Democrats, the liberal wing of the party, and African Americans. Hickenlooper was the governor of Colorado until January, and previously held the most Colorado trifecta of jobs imaginable: mayor of Denver, geologist, and brewery owner.

Hickenlooper branded himself as an effective manager and deal maker who has governed effectively in a purple state while still staying progressive. He said he worried the Democratic field could be too focused on grievance and not enough on policy. Not nearly enough people. Hickenlooper was never able to get out of the low single digits in polling, and was at precisely zero in one late poll.

Gravel, 89, represented Alaska for two terms in the Senate, during which he read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record and fought against the Vietnam War. After launching on April 8, his campaign announced it was ending on August 5, and Gravel has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Gravel was running to bring attention to his pet issues: direct democracy, nuclear nonproliferation, and a noninterventionist foreign policy. This is where it gets weird. The committee is the brainchild of three students in college and high school who have basically created a Draft Gravel movement. But Gravel decided he liked the idea and went along with it.

Could he have won the nomination?


He didn't qualify anyway. Swalwell, who is 38, is a U. Swalwell was running on a gun-control platform. He also says the Democratic Party needs fresh blood. Swalwell never busted through the 1 percent threshold. Brown told the Youngstown Vindicator on March 7 that he will not run. Leftist Democrats who though Sanders is too old and Elizabeth Warren too weak a candidate; lots of dudes in union halls in Northeast Ohio. Like Warren, Brown has a very good dog.

McAuliffe holds up his governorship as proof that he can be a problem solver and deal maker across the aisle, and his Clintonesque politics would have contrasted him with many of the candidates in the field. The billionaire former mayor of New York, Bloomberg is a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat-again.

Bloomberg announced on March 5 in Bloomberg , natch that he would not run. A Bloomberg bid would likely have centered on his pet issues of gun control, climate change, and fighting the more fiscally liberal wing of the Democratic Party tooth and silver-plated nail. What, was his considerable ego not enough?

Bloomberg has also previously toyed with an independent run, but says that would only help Trump in Holder was the U. After toying with the idea, he wrote in The Washington Post on March 7 that he would not run. Holder has three big areas of interest: redistricting, civil rights, and beating Donald Trump by all means necessary.

Tough to say. Landrieu served as the mayor of New Orleans from to It seems unlikely. Like the other mayors contemplating a run, Landrieu considers himself a problem-solver. Cuomo is the governor of New York. He was formerly the secretary of housing and urban development under Bill Clinton. Though he's long toyed with the idea, Cuomo said in November , "I am ruling it out. One can adopt a Freudian analysis related to his father's unfinished business, or one can note that Cuomo thinks he's got more management experience and success, including working with Republicans, than any Democratic candidate.

Cuomo's defenders bristle that he doesn't get enough credit, but his work with Republicans has infuriated Empire State Democrats without winning any real GOP friends. Garcetti flirted with the idea, visiting South Carolina and naming a hypothetical Cabinet full of mayors, but said on January 29 that he would not run. Garcetti was reelected in a landslide in , but he had no apparent national constituency.

Come on.

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Haha, no way. He filed for reelection the day of his inauguration, though some speculate that he might decide not to follow through.

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Build the wall, Keep America Great , etc. Consistently about 35 to 40 percent of the country; a small majority consistently says he should not. While his low approval ratings overall have stoked talk of a primary challenge, Trump remains very popular among Republican voters, and as president has broad power to muscle the GOP process to protect himself.

There is nothing else new and interesting to know about Trump. After a strong run in the James Gang, Walsh joined the Eagles as lead guitari—wait, no, wrong guy. Walsh said on August 24 that he will run against Trump. Why is he running? Once a strong Trump backer, Walsh has undergone a strange political transformation over the last three years and now routinely attacks Trump, who he sees as insufficiently conservative and too deferential to Russia. There are still some Republicans dead-set against Trump, though vanishingly few.

One, the tireless but hapless Bill Kristol encouraged Walsh to run. A Walsh candidacy would perhaps give never-Trumpers someone to vote for in the primary and potentially a way of weakening the president ahead of the general election.

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Sanford was governor of South Carolina from to and a U. Sanford announced his campaign launch on September 8. Sanford has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. Lots of reporters who are eager to make bad Appalachian Trail jokes. Not many, though. This logo is so cool. Kasich recently finished up two terms as governor of Ohio, previously served in the U. House, and ran in the GOP primary.