Is Your Marriage Hitting Bad Cell Areas?

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Workbook for Is Your Marriage Hitting Bad Cell Areas by Imran and Tami Razvi (Paperback) — Lulu CA

In the course of evolutionary history, we have relied on close relationships with small networks of family and friends for survival as individuals and as a species. These relationships were based on trust and cooperation, which is built when people disclose personal information about themselves and are responsive to others. Smartphones, and the constant access they provide to text messaging and social media, make it easier than ever for people to disclose personal information and respond to others in their social networks.

And these networks are much larger and more far-flung than those of our ancestors. We now have the outer-most edges of our social network cue us for responsiveness. In their paper, Sbarra and his coauthors go beyond the idea that technology is simply attention-grabbing to suggest that there may be an evolutionary mismatch between smartphones and the social behaviors that help form and maintain close social relationships. Divided attention, Sbarra and his colleagues say, may lead to relationship conflict. For example, the review paper cites a study of married women, more than 70 percent of whom reported that mobile phones frequently interfere in their relationships.

In fact, he and his coauthors acknowledge that the devices offer several benefits for health and well-being, and texting provides many couples a route for connecting in a meaningful way. But they say more research is needed to fully understand the impact that virtual connections may have on our real-world relationships and the ways in which the pull of our phones may diminish immediate interactions and lead to conflict.

In this paper, we are interested in answering two basic questions: Why do the devices seem to have such a powerful pull on us? After several hours when things cooled down he showed me the message history between them.

Workbook for Is Your Marriage Hitting Bad Cell Areas

They had been in contact for over 6 years. Sure enough it was clear to see he reached out to her first. I asked him why he reached out to an exgirlfriend and he said he had seen her picture on FB sent her a message and was catching up. Well that catching up led to secretive private messaging and emailing. Unbeknownst to him I hacked his email account and found email messages between them. There was nothing sexual in the communications though some of the communications could be considered flirty and emotionally supportive. I asked him if he had any contact with his exgirlfriend Helenanne through emails and he stated absolutely not.

I even recorded him saying he had no email contact that he didnt have her email address and she did not have his. He was stunned. Anyway he said he blocked her on FB and the following morning I noticed his exgirlfriend blocked me on FB. Presumably she had to go look for my profile in order to block me. Just to make sure my husband blocked her I accessed his phone and checked on his FB settings. Sure enough she was blocked but he never did send her that message I requested. Needless to say it has damaged my relationship with my husband. He invited this woman into our lives. It is a huge violation and feel disgusted with it all.

It was as if she were a voyer or a stalker. His lack of respect and consideration and his violent reaction to my request to remove his exgirlfriend from his FB contacts makes me distrust him and makes me resent him. It is going to take a long time to work through this and heal. My advice to you is that you deal with your insecurities rather then project your insecurities on your husband. Facebook is used by millions of people.

Wow I just read this and yeah there is a lot of meaning that has transpired. Hey Mike, did you actually read what Di wrote?

Check twitter, snapchat, etc. Is this the big problem? Please dont make this an issue. Is there something that he is hiding or what is he up to, and when he is on the Facebook and i approach him he will quickly close and open another thing instead. I agreed with basically everything about this article except for the last statement.

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Although this maybe true for most it is not true for all due to insomnia and some major problems, which I happen to be burdened with. I tend to not fall asleep until between am. I can take a sleeping pill at 8 and not zonk out until 3. On the occasions I do have my phone in hand.

I you am playing silly games like name that movie, who sang? My husband and I share passwords for everything. And we are better for it. They would flirt back and forth in public my in-laws and his friends witnessed his behavior, and then called me a jealousy wife. I completely agree. The flirt should never happen. And all of this be hair is disrespectful and should not be tolerated. Speak privately how you feel and pray for him. Maybe he will see that he is wrong for doing this. Not good.

How to Identify & Release Toxic Relationships

Yet he goes on lunches with his coworker who is a single woman of the world. She works part time and he works fulltime. So every time she works her shifts with him they both go to the coffee shop. They have been doing this for five months straight now. Plus they are texting each other too. He says his wife is ok with it. Somehow I doubt it. Some of us saw the woman in the back area talking to him alone on several occasions far from her department.

I must also mention he is quite the charmer. He verbally flirted with me and other woman also.

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