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  5. A breezy summer rom-com, with oodles of New York glamour. (Bookseller ).

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Jessie Hearts NYC

Download Image. Imprint Orchard Books. I have read books where characters were similarly naive and selfish, but I just had a really hard time with Jessie. Finn, on the other hand, was perfect. I found his story the most believable, but also the most interesting.

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He was completely real, he reacted in all the ways I would have expected him too, and he was just so lovely, despite his mistakes! He was such a sweet guy, and despite his feeling for the wonderful Sam, he always tried to repress his feelings as she was his best mate's girlfriend - though that didn't work much, he tried. His heart was definitely in the right place, he just screwed up a little. Like with Jessie, he also has some issues with his family, and I found his story, working out who he is and what he wanted, and dealing with that to be really lovely. He was just such a cool guy!

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I'm not sure I can really say much more without spoiling the story. Please read a few other reviews before deciding whether or not you think Jessie Hearts NYC is for you, don't base your choice on my review alone. Thank you to Orchard for the review copy. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Brodie 16 August at Jo 16 August at I loved reading every page of this book and you would to. We get to meet alot of characters in this book and that makes it all the more interesting. The book itself is obviously based Jessie and Finn. But with them comes there families, friends and their own stories. Jessie is in New York visiting her mum Natalie she has also taken her bestfriend with her Emma along for the journey.

Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton - review

We see alot of strain between Natalie and Jessie which in understanding on both there halfs. We then get to meet Ben which is Jessie's crush kind of and Jessie finds out in an embarressing way that he is Natalie's boyfriend. Her and Emma then flee to a hotel and go up to the roof where Finn is holding his 18th Birthday. That's how they first meet.

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We've alreadt met Finn thought and his bestfriend Scott and the girl Finn's in love with Sam which is Scott's girlfriend. After that Finn and Jessie keep meeting coincidently.

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Later on in the book Jessie's dad John and his boyfriend Rhys comes into the book and announces some new to Jessie. I won't tell you as I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyways, before I babble on about this book for hours which btw I could do as it's amazing I'll stop.