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According to Dr.

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He also had several contused wounds on his head, but he thought that the gunshot had decidedly caused his death. Had they seen or noticed anything unusual? Ben Stacey was his nearest neighbour. Ben lived but a few perch from him. Apart from Mrs.

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He was in bed and she was on her own. She roused him and asked him to come urgently. Stacey recalled:. Mrs Sly told me that Walter was shot just after he came into the yard. She told me he rode by the door, she heard a shot and he fell. She then heard a second shot fired. She then said a third shot was fired through the hall door as if to keep the family within. Until Griffin came Ben Stacey was quite reluctant to go near the dead body. Mrs Sly told me he had it on going to the fair. Before leaving the witness stand -- and in response to questions put in cross-examination -- Stacey made the following responses:.

Walter Sly was about fifty-four years of age. He was a comfortable farmer, and he dealt in horses. I never saw a pistol in his house, and I never knew he carried any about him. Sly was a passionate man and constantly quarrelsome; he had the character of being a party man. Persons named Brennan held land under Sly and some time before that I heard that Sly had dispossessed them. To the Court — Mrs.

Sly also said that the people who fired the shot through. He also heard that some Whitefeet had paid Walter a visit at his home, since when he cultivated the habit of returning home by an alternate road to the one he left. Another man who knew the Slys was John Griffin. He recalled the night or the murder, although he only heard of his death about sunrise the following morning.

I saw Sly lying at the stable door dead. There was no person about. Mrs Sly told me to go with Stacey and try if Mr Sly was robbed. I examined his left pocket and found it empty. He had not his watch. This suggested that he had enemies and he employed this stratagem as a means of avoiding an ambush. John Doyne. When examined by the Crown he was quite forthright in his testimony.

He was a man of a most violent temper. She told me that upon occasion she was turned out without any clothing at night, and beaten with a horsewhip. Robert Phillips, Esq.

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He testified that by will dated 16 th of January , Walter, with the exception of a small legacy to his nephew, left all his property to his wife, Lucinda. He saw the pistol that was found the following Monday after. Referring to Lucinda, he said:. She then said that Sly brought the key with him to the fair; I insisted on getting a key.

I examined her person and found two keys, the first of which I took opened the chest freely. The keys now produced are the same as those found. Her son Thomas Singleton, which he said belonged to Sly, produced a second key. It opened the chest also. I found the pistol. Captain Battersby and the Police were present.

I examined the pistol; it was loaded as if a person were in a hurry or in confusion; the cartridge was not driven home. It was primed, and had the appearance of being recently discharged. The condition of the muzzle and pistol pans gave the appearance of a discharged firearm.

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She said she was in the house of the deceased, on the Sunday after he was killed. She knew all involved, including Dempsey, who was there at the time. She was asked to go to the field with Dempsey to fetch some potatoes -- which she duly did. But to get out they had to go over a stile and go through the haggard, which accommodated 7 stacks of corn. Dempsey leaped quickly over the style, and headed off. The witness hard set to keep pace with him. The watch had a speck of blood on it, and the corn stacks were served with a stepladder.

Indeed, he had previously given Walter Sly the key attached to the watch. The stack in which the watch was found happened to be farthest from the stile, far enough at any rate to give a nifty young man like Dempsey enough time to do the business before the unsuspecting Catherine Landricken could throw her leg over the stile, so to speak. In response to some skilful cross-examination, however, it was revealed that at the time the watch was discovered a man named Tobin was sitting on the stack and another named Brennan was assisting him.

Brennan at one time held a farm of his own but had been turned out of it by Walter Sly. He said that he had been with sly two days earlier; he cleaned and fired his pistol for him; and before they parted, Walter Sly confided in him that he was afraid of being murdered by the Brennans. The jury must have had their doubts about the case thus far: and that would assuredly include Samuel Haughton, a Quaker with the sharpest of minds and the most upright of characters.

But that is not to cast any shadow on any of the other jurors. Far from it.

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  5. Or any one of a family of mortal enemies whom he had driven off their farm? One thing is sure; Walter Sly was very popular with the police. John Dempsey and Lucinda Sly were there. It became clear from the tenor of the evidence that sexual impropriety, however undesirable, was not going to successfully drive the murder charge to conviction. There would have to be more substantial evidence present about the actual murder itself. And the Crown sought that assistance from the next two witnesses, Mrs. He was hired because -- at the time -- there was no female servant available.

    She also claimed that Lucinda told her that when Dempsey saw her get money, he would take it from her to buy tobacco. This left Mrs Sly short and witness used to give her some money. Mrs Sly asked her for some of the poison, but was she refused.

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    The prosecution had got what they were looking for. Defence — What time was that? Witness — About October last. The witness then observed — almost as a lull in the proceedings --that the Slys had in recent times lived on good terms. Nevertheless, she added quite suggestively:. I rapped and got no answer. It was after nightfall and there was candle lighting on the table. Dempsey was within, and there was a pistol on the table.

    The shutters were closed except a very small part, as the shutters did not meet. She could go no further with her evidence, but much of the damage was done. Neither did she know anything about stealing fowl. She said that part of her testimony had already been sworn to Captain Battersby on the occasion of the Inquest, but she conceded that she did not tell the whole story until she was sworn.

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    5. And it was also true that her husband was in gaol; he was charged with Whitefootism --but he had never been convicted. And if she never mentioned a word about the pistol at the Inquest, it was because she was never asked about it. Defence —According to your account Mrs Sly told you she intended to kill her husband. Did you go and put that man on his guard? Witness- I did not my Lord.

      Defence — Gentlemen of the Jury on her examination she never told a word about the pistol which she saw the Saturday night before.

      A Woman Hanged

      I think it right therefore in giving chance to the prisoners to make this woman explain away these contradictions before she leaves the table, if not so far as her testimony is concerned -- you must take it very scrupulously. She comes forward as the confidante and depository of a murderous secret, while she never divulges it to the man who became the victim.

      But the Crown had more to come. Michael Connors actually worked with Mr Sly in the month of April past It was about a will, and he was lighting his pipe, when she said:.