Nefertiti Presents Belly Dancing the Basics

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by Sherry Jeffries (Ankestamen)

What you get : A gift certificate for a 4 private lesson package. One hour long lessons each. Dates to be determined but once started, must be completed within 5 months. This package of 8 classes is perfect!

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With 5 classes offered weekly, your dancer can pick the one that fits best in her schedule, or take multiple classes throughout the week. Can be redeemed in any regularly scheduled belly dance class with Henna in What you get : A gift certificate for 8 classes. See the class schedule here. What you get : 2 gift certificates for 2 series to be used at the same time. Have another idea?

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Email me at info hennadances. With more than 8 instructors in different styles of bellydance, your dancer will never get bored. Yoga and pilates classes round out the practice to make strong and flexible dancers. Saroyan is my favorite brand of finger cymbals. You really get what you pay for when it comes to musical instruments, and finger cymbals zills are no exception.

To see the entire Saroyan collection, click here. These are great for protecting the feet during practice. Also good for providing some slip for turns, which can be an issue for dancers with knee or ankle problems. Autumn Ward is a gorgeous dancer and this DVD clearly breaks down essential technique so that it is easy to learn in your own home.

Nefertiti ,With Fahim Sadi* - Nefertiti Presents Best Of Belly Dancing (, Vinyl) | Discogs

A great resource for when you want to create your own combinations or learn new steps for improv. I love this DVD. There are about 20 basic moves taught, a page on posture, a page about finger cymbals, and a few veil ideas.

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  6. Some of the moves include hip bounce, half moon, hip thrust, hip shimmy, sit-kick front, sit-kick side, sit-kick back, lean-kick, single-leg shimmy, backward figure 8, shoulder thrust, shoulder shimmy, shoulder roll, pelvic tilt, belly roll, head slides, and snake arms. The veil work section talks about how to wrap it, how to remove it, and how to do a few simple moves.

    The floor work section talks about how to do a Turkish drop which seems a bit odd for what is otherwise a beginning-level book , the sway, the half wedge, and the full wedge. For each item taught, there is a picture of Nefertiti accompanied by several bullets with explanation and a few tips.

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    In some places, diagrams accompany the photo to offer further clarification. Since the photos of Nefertiti were taken in , the book definitely has a strong retro flavor to it.

    Although I think it would be nearly impossible for someone to learn how to belly dance solely by using a book, it can be helpful to use a book when the explanation offered by your teacher or video on how to do a certain move isn't entirely clear. A book like this can offer another way of describing the same move, and help someone who is struggling see it in a different way.


    For belly dance teachers, this sort of "how to dance" book can also offer ideas for alternate ways to describe a move when teaching it. I personally enjoy looking through the book simply because of the fun of seeing Nefertiti in her 's costume and hair style. It looks very attractive on her, and offers us a glimpse into what belly dancers of the past looked like. The first and second editions of the book, which are what my review is based on, have a very "self-published" level of production quality.

    Nefertari's Dream - Pedralta World Fusion Dance & Serena Ramzy

    I have not seen the kit that contains finger cymbals and music as well as this book, so I can't comment on the quality of those additional products. It's nearly impossible to learn how to dance from printed text. It's necessary to see the move in motion, and to connect it to the appropriate music. However, if you have access to either a teacher or a video that demonstrates what the move looks like in motion, the written text in a "how to dance" book like this can help clear up confusion.

    Sometimes, it's helpful for either a teacher or a student to have more than one explanation on how to do a move, and this type of how-to book can assist with that. If you're looking for a glimpse of what belly dancing in the U. It's also a fit for people who like to collect belly dance memorabilia. But it's not the kind of product I'd recommend for someone seeking belly dance instruction.