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This option only applies to the api. Adding forcelinkupdate to an index. Category : Cache. Namespaces Manual Discussion.

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Variables in Stored Programs. Local Variable Scope and Resolution.

Flow Control Statements. Restrictions on Server-Side Cursors. Restrictions on Condition Handling.

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Database Administration Statements. Account Management Statements. Table Maintenance Statements.

  • Alarm over voter purges as 17m Americans removed from rolls in two years.
  • Manual:Purge.
  • No Way to Behave at a Funeral;
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Plugin and User-Defined Function Statements. Other Administrative Statements. Errors, Error Codes, and Common Problems. MySQL 5. Comment by Thottbot Will purge take rogues out of Sprint? Comment by Thottbot It doesn't "disable" spells at all.

Purge Plays Grimstroke

It is an instant-cast that removes buffs like Power Word: Fortitude, etc. All it does is remove such buffs that are on the target at the time of casting. Nothing else. You could use some shock to "counter" the enemy when he's casting a spell, causing a short silence effect though.

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Comment by Thottbot Thanks dude or dudette. If thats true then add that to the list of how overpowered shamans are.

Not only are they the fastest class along with druids they also have the most slowing effects totem and frost shock. So at any point in pvp WSG especially they can get away, and you can't. I think this spell should have a 2 second cast or something like that to balance things. Comment by Thottbot This only removes magic effects. Comment by Thottbot OK if I got this right, it dispells anny buffs and such on the target