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Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband" Revelation , 2. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away" Revelation Popular myths picture heaven as a fanciful place where spirits sit on clouds playing harps or float around in nebulous space. However, in John the Bible says that Jesus is building mansions in heaven for those who accept salvation.

He is preparing real buildings with real tangible materials for real people who will inhabit them. This means that in heaven real vineyards will produce real grapes. The Bible even refers to heaven as a country Hebrews Before sin came into this world, the world was a physical paradise — a beautiful garden full of fruits, trees, and animals. Similarly, when sin is finally eradicated from this universe, we will get to live life as God originally intended for mankind when He first created the Garden of Eden — not as spirits on clouds, but in a tangible, material Heaven.

It makes sense to realize that there is a country out in the universe, perhaps even the universe itself, known by the Bible writers as heaven. The Bible speaks about hosts or inhabitants of both heaven and earth. The Bible mentions that beings on other planets rejoiced at the creation of the earth. Those who love God keep His commandments John We will still have physical bodies. The Bible says: For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body Philippians , The body of Jesus after His resurrection was physical.

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Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have" Luke We will be able to recognize our loved ones. The Bible says: "For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known" 1 Corinthians This becomes more believable when we realize that the Bible says that the greater part of the future existence of human beings will take place right here on our planet Earth, which will be recreated and restored to its original perfection.

This life will be free from sickness, war, crime and anything harmful. The future life will have the best of this life plus additional joys beyond our imagination. Linked with the central mystery of Babylon—the worship of the mother and child—were many other lesser mysteries which will have many familiar sounds. These include:. The doctrine of purgatorial purification after death was seen first in pagan Babylonianism. It involved the same extortion and theft of the poor to get the dead cleansed and into a higher state. Prayers and supplications were offered by the priest but only after great fees were collected.

In the pagan Babylonian system the dying were anointed for their last journey. This was done in the name of Bee? In Egypt the son of Isis, the Egyptian title for the queen of heaven, was to have been born at the end of December.

A special tree and a yule log were both involved with this festival. The yule log represented Nimrod, the dead stock of Nimrod, cut down by his enemies, and the tree represented Nimrod come to life. Long before the birth of Christ pagan Rome honored Cybele, the mother of the Babylonian Messiah, with a special day, March 25th, nine months before December 25th. Easter was another name for Astarte or Istar, which were other names for the queen of heaven. This festival in ancient Babylonianism was a day weeping period for Tammuz just prior to the festival of Astarte or Istar or Easter , who was said to have received her son back from the dead; for it was taught that he was slain by a wild beast boar.

To him the egg was sacred, depicting the mystery of resurrection. Fifteen hundred years before Christ the hot cross buns of Good Friday were used in the worship of the queen of heaven, the goddess of Easter.

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They were first offered, then later eaten. The egg can be traced back to the fable of the mystic egg of the Babylonians. The fishes rolled it to the bank where the doves having settled upon it, hatched it. Out came Venus who afterwards was called the Assyrian goddess or Astarte, the queen of heaven. So the egg first was a symbol of Astarte or Easter, the queen of heaven. Thus you can see the background for lent, the day period prior to Easter, and the Easter festival.

Some simply adopted the egg and applied it to the resurrection of Christ. In the very early church there was the celebration of the Passover on Friday before the resurrection, but it was not called Easter. One of the grand and original festivals of Tammuz, the child of Semiramis, was observed in June.

In fact, June was called by his name in some places. Other periods had been devoted to the commemoration of the death and reviving of the Babylonian god for various reasons in different countries, but the month of Tammuz appears to have been the primitive date of this festival. As a result, this date and festival still had a firm hold on the people in various parts of the Roman world, so the papacy came up with a solution.

One of their many sacred names for Tammuz was Oannes. This was just perfect because in Latin, the sacred language of the church, John was Joannes.

Christ, the Creator

Thus, this festival was continued and suited both Christians and pagans alike. This is the teaching that Mary saw no corruption, but was in body and soul carried up to heaven and is now invested with all power of heaven and earth. This too, goes back to Babylonian mystery. This doctrine of Rome did not come out of mistaken use of Scriptures such as Acts , but from Babylon itself. The baptism was by immersion and was a part of the initiation rites of Babylonianism. It was a rather rough process along with the other parts of the initiation and if one survived, then he was admitted to the knowledge of the mysteries.

It took real courage to submit to these rites. The motivation, please note, was regeneration and pardon of all sins! Babylonianism spread all over the world and it touched all nations. Thus, as you would expect, baptismal regeneration was even found in Mexico before Roman Catholic missionaries ever arrived, as well as in India and among our Anglo ancestors.

The sign of the cross as used in Rome, did not originate with Christianity as many assume, but came right out of mystery Babylon. It was seen as follows:. These symbols were used on the official garments of the priests of Babylonia and worn around their necks on chains, just as in Rome today. Bacchus, another name for Tammuz, was represented with a headband covered with crosses.

The Judgment of Believers

This is not all. Much of what one finds in Rome can be traced back to the Babylonian mysteries; the holy water, the keys of the Pope, the fables of Mary, the clothing and images, the statues which shed tears or winked, the rosary, the sacred heart, the lamps and candles, the wafer changed into God, the priests and nuns, and the Pontifex-Maximus. But how our faith was shaken, and how we felt troubled when Livy, Tacitus, Cicero, Virgil, Homer, etc.

He then went on to give an illustration and told how they had been told to trust in the scapulars the sleeveless outer garment of a priest or monk , medals, holy water, etc. But, how again their faith was shaken when in reading the Greek and Latin historians, they found the same things involved with the worship of Jupiter, Minerva, Diana and Venus the mother-child cult. Instead of calling this statue Jupiter, we call it Peter, and instead of calling another Minerva or Venus, we call it St.

It is the old idolatry coming to us under Christian names.


What brought about the transference of mystery Babylon over into Christianity and the rise of what we know as Romanism or Roman Catholicism? Remember, we are identifying present day religious Babylonianism. We have already seen the similarities and origin, but what made the transfers. So, taking this as the sign of God, he did as he was told. He was victorious and he issued the Edict of Milam which made Christianity the official religion. All persecution of Christians stopped and being a Christian became the vogue of the day. The temples became the churches, the priests and nuns became the leaders of Christianity.

The statues and festivals were given new names, but it was the same system with a new name. Only the names were changed to deceive the innocent. Today the Pope wears the same title and calls himself the sovereign pontiff of the College of Pontiffs and the successor of Peter. However, the truth is he is the successor of Babylonian high priests. He is not the successor of the Apostle Peter, but the direct successor of the high priests of the Babylonian mystery cult, the servant of the fish god, Dagon, whose ring the fish ring he wears just as did his successors.

Even the keys he wears which he claims came from Peter, came instead from the heathen Babylonian gods of Janus and Cybele who bore keys in ancient Babylonianism. Not until A.

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Ancient religious Babylonianism the mother of harlots which began in Babel Babylon , today resides in Romanism which is headquartered in the ancient city of Rome and is spread practically all over the world. This is undoubtedly the religious Babylon of Revelation As we study about Babylon, it is important to remember that Babylon refers to more than a city in Revelation 17 and It stands for a system of evil, religiously and politically. Revelation 17 describes the apostate religious system as it will come to its zenith in the first half of the Tribulation, but it will be destroyed by the Ten Nation Confederation in the middle of the Tribulation.

The true church will have been raptured, but the apostate and false religious systems continue on and become united under the one world system of Babylon, which will may well be headed up by Rome. As some of the parables of Matthew 13 suggest, and Paul and Peter explicitly warn us, the church age will be characterized by growing apostasy see 1 Tim. This apostasy will take the form of ecumenicity—the movement of uniting all religions together into a one-world church governed and controlled by Rome. To accomplish its goals, this apostate ecumenical system will of necessity employ a number of practices to bring off its goals of a world-wide, universal church.

Eclectics, at least outwardly, seek to be fair to all and therefore yield to all. In this system sincerity is more important than what is believed. But as above, it opens the door for anything. In all of these there will be persecution and rejection of the truth on behalf of establishing a world church. True Christianity is exclusive. The world hates this commitment to absolute truth, especially as it is promoted in Scripture the Written Word and in the person and work of Jesus Christ the Living Word.

After all, the world is the child of the Antichrist, and as mentioned in previous lessons, while claiming to be eclectic, latitudinarian, and syncretistic, the one-world system of the last days will have no tolerance for true Bible-based Christianity and will seek to persecute and annihilate believers in Christ unmercifully.

The announcement of the fall of Babylon in chapter 18 which comes immediately after the destruction of the harlot in chapter 17, causes many to think that these are one and the same event. However, there are several things which show they are two different events, though described in similar terms. We have here the fall of religious Babylon followed later by the fall of political and commercial Babylon.

The fall of religious Babylon chapter 17 occurs when the beast assumes his religious role in the middle of the Tribulation and assumes world political power. Second, there is the judgment of unbelievers Revelation This is the Great White Throne Judgment where unbelievers whose names are not written in the book of life are judged according to their deeds.