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This realization is even more alarming when we look at the challenges ahead. The digital revolution offers potential for changing human lives for the better. In a nutshell, the wars of the future will most likely not be fought with mega bombs, but with megabits and megabytes. The Cold War is over. Security today is less about counting nuclear warheads than about understanding the security challenges linked to future technological developments:. But how do we prevent their misuse for cyber warfare? Biotechnology offers the potential to improve human life — from tackling genetic diseases to mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Artificial intelligence is set to take unmanned aerial vehicles to the skies above our cities. But how can we stop autonomous weapons from building on this technology to select and attack targets without human involvement? New frontiers in long-distance travel will soon be pioneered by hypersonic carriers, drastically cutting travel times. But how can we deal with hypersonic missiles that reduce reaction times to just a few seconds, thus eroding the ability for human control? All of this is fear-based in some way.

Creativity is a Scared Bunny. Okay not furry, but it does need patience, support, time and quiet to come out of its safe hiding place. That can look different for every individual. Maybe you require a lot of loud music to set your creativity free. Whatever it takes for you to create a space of non-judgement is the only way you will truly set your creativity free.

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I know. What you choose to do with your creativity afterward is your business, in both senses of the word. We can benefit our work creativity if we can figure out what our individual creativity requires. I have been creating and performing professionally since I was a child. But in order to fully feed that, I need my own judgement-free outlet. Among many other things, I paint and write poetry, neither of which I share with the public.

The point is to create for the sake of creation. When we separate creativity from commerce and judgement we discover freedom. Being creative in your own way, on your own time, by yourself and for yourself will have an enormous impact on your public creativity.

Slaying the Debt Dragon

We grow stronger when we make a practice of being creative on our own. Bring it to work. Create a space of non-judgement. Creativity is a scared bunny. All it takes is one person not participating for another person to feel judged. Every time we throw an idea out into the world we run the risk of rejection and that scared bunny runs back to its safe home. Every single person engaged in the creative process must actively participate in creating an environment that supports risk. Every person in the room must take part in this process or go inhabit a different room.

It takes the edge off the risk and allows people to make bolder and bolder choices. Being creative requires bravery because being creative is scary. Read it.

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It is like getting the last cookie out of the cookie jar. Savour it.

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Read other blogs and learn what makes you tick. Learn what gets your mojo running. What drives you and inspires you to do the same on your blog?

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What makes you want to sit down and type so fast that you find yourself pounding on those keys. That is your sweet spot. That is your diamond in the rough.

3 Ways Slaying Dance Dragons help you Slay Other Dragons in your Life

Keep it real. Life is not perfect. Celebrate the imperfections and stupid things that just happen when you are not looking. Just like that. Sometimes blogging is like walking into a pole. Then tripping. Then making a fool of yourself. You write. You feel great. slay that dragon life just got easy by angus i mcleod dr angus i mcleod paperbac

You fall down. You dust yourself off. You go back at it. Draw a line in the sand and start something new. Your life is a true story. Be authentically you. Only you can be you. You are unique like that. If you try to be someone else, you are going to get pounded into the dirt. Source: lynneknowlton. Watch what happens when you focus on loving and helping others achieve their success. That is what blogging is all about.

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Helping others. It is epic. It is full of gratitude.


Every good blogger loves comments and is so grateful for each and every one of them. Leaving a comment for a blogger is DOPE. Gratefulness comes with every comment.

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When we are grateful for the support, we feel confident to take one more step out of our comfort zone and try a new thaaaang. You will start to think outside the box.