The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book One

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Book 2 is currently in the final stages of colouring and will be released in early You can read more about the series by visiting the official site, or purchase it as an ebook on amazon.

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Matilda Mibblebury in: A Vanishing Act. Book One of the Whingewyth Chronicles by: D. Joseph's book was a page novel for older children and tweens. It required one illustration per chapter which totaled 13 illustrations, plus the cover design and graphics which appeared at the top of each chapter heading.

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To read more about the book, you can visit the official site , purchase an ebook on amazon. Children's Book Illustration. Published: January 5th This may seem like a long timeline, but based on past experience we know there are a lot of unforeseen obstacles that slow down a more optimistic projection. We prefer to give a longer timeline and hopefully aim to deliver before July , but may require that much time to finalize everything.


We've prepared a few different tiers of rewards depending on your interest in our books. Before we get into those, we wanted to thank you all for supporting us! The budget outlined for this campaign is for help with completing the production of Book 4, and to potentially order a print run of copies. If we happen to get backers ordering more than that amount, we will need to reevaluate our proposed budget and timeline. We currently have some printed copies of Books 1 and 2 as well as several sticker sheets in stock.

We plan to do everything we can to maintain the proposed delivery dates, but this is our very first Kickstarter, and I'm sure we'll learn a few things along the way. The main goal is to be able to share Lucy with people who have never seen her before, and we hope to be able to do so in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you for finding and taking time to back our project! The digital copy will be emailed to you once the book is completed. It can be read on digital devices like iPads and tablets.

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Once Book 4 has been printed, you'll receive a softcover version in the mail. You'll also receive a digital copy of Book 4 to read on your devices. There will be a small shipping charge to help cover the cost of mailing these, but we will cover the difference. Get a digital copy of all the books so far in the series, including Book 4 with your name printed on our Page of Thanks, and digital copies of Colouring Books 1 and 2 with actual line work from the first two books.

No shipping costs required. Children's Books Vancouver, Canada. Back this project. The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book 4. The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book 4 The fourth installment in our series about an abandoned circus dog trying to find herself while meeting other breeds of dogs. Our little heroine.

Also, there was another event impending at Silver Bush of which she was ignorant and Judy thought it was high time she was warned. When one has been the "baby" of a family for almost seven years just how is one going to take a supplanter? Judy, who loved everybody at Silver Bush in reason, loved Pat out of reason and was worried over this beyond all measure. Pat was always after taking things a bit too seriously. As Judy put it, she "loved too hard.

It was far too tight for her and more holy than righteous, if ye plaze, but Pat wouldn't hear of giving it up. She loved that old sweater and she meant to wear it another year. She fought so tigerishly about it that Judy. Pat was always like that about her clothes. She wore them until they simply wouldn't look at her because they were so dear to her she couldn't bear to give them up. She hated her new duds until she had worn them for a few weeks.

Then she turned around and loved them fiercely, too. But she would have put the black sign on any one else who called Pat a queer child. Sidney loved Pat and didn't like to hear her called queer. Judy knew all about leprachauns and banshees and water-kelpies and fascinating beings like that. But it isn't all to the bad. She'll be after having things other folks can't have.

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But they'll hurt her more, too. And I'm not after saying it was all.

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  • She'll see things. Hundreds av witches flying be night over the woods and steeples on broomsticks, wid their black cats perched behind them. How wud ye like that? Island but there's minny a one in ould Ireland even yet. The grandmother av me was one. Who cud be sure av what a fairy might be doing? Maybe it's only the mixed blood in her makes her quare.

    Frinch and English and Irish and Scotch and Quaker. Scoot, scat, and scamper, or I'll warm your liddle behind for ye. It was always fun to make Judy Plum mad. Well, I knew a man in ould Ireland said the same thing.

    • the adventures of lucy snigglefritz book one Manual.
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    • Said it as bould as brass, he did. And he met some one night, whin he was walking home from where he'd no business to be.

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      Oh, oh, what they did to him! He was niver the same again and he held his tongue about the Good Folk after that, belave me. Only I'm advising ye to be a bit careful what ye say out loud whin ye think ye're all alone, me bould young lad. Judy was hooking her rug in her own bedroom, just over the kitchen. It was not plastered. The walls and ceiling were finished with smooth bare boards which Judy kept beautifully whitewashed. The bed was an enormous one with a fat chaff tick.

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      Judy scorned feathers and mattresses were, she believed, a modern invention of the Bad Man Below. It had pillowslips trimmed with crocheted "pineapple" lace, and was covered with a huge "autograph quilt" which some local society had made years before and which Judy had bought.