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Try breathing in and our quickly as if panting, without moving shoulders or chest much so that you develop deeper, fuller breath support. Chew, hum and stretch to keep your voice relaxed. Read a newspaper line or say a nursery rhyme in different ways varying pitch, volume, texture, and feeling.

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Vary the pace, tone and volume of voice; pause where appropriate;. Make comments about illustrations and expect a response from children. Consider alliteration; explore the possibilities of rhyme; Add sounds to the right stories- animal noises; connect culturally. Now read the following news items in three different ways. Bus collided with a ninety year old man and crushed into pieces. Now let us see how we can design pre and post storytelling activities. Our aim is to capture the attention of children before we venture into our story telling session. Children learn with the help of their previous knowledge.

They would pick up well and with interest, if they can connect to prior knowledge and experiences. Have activities, tasks, role play or actions that would connect their life experiences with the ideas, themes, incidents or the characters of the story. Also review language in the story children already know and teach new vocabulary or expressions.

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Children would love to predict what will happen in the story. So stop when you reach such a point where the tension mounts, and ask children to predict. The following activities and tasks would enrich the experiences of children after listening to the story. This has to be oral.

Rodgers Here is a story. Set pre story telling activities, then tell the story and set one or two post story telling activities. The village of Paritaal had got its name from the lake in the middle of it.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

The lake was the life of the village. Stories were told of diamonds that lay buried beneath the lake-bed. But this summer things were different. There had been no rains for two years and the threat of another drought was looming over Paritaal. The lake had dried up. Eight-year-old Abdul lived with his family in the village.

His grandfather was the village sarpanch. One evening the whole village gathered to discuss the delayed rains. Vigyan, a well-read man and Haji, the potter asked the sarpanch about the legend of the buried diamonds in the lake-bed. The sarpanch and the priest were worried.

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If it did not rain this year there would be mayhem. Hunger and poverty would make beasts out of men. Abdul knew how difficult it was for them to get water.

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His mother and sister would be away for more than half the day, as they had to walk five km to fetch drinking water. They could not carry much water, just three pots. It was the same story in every house. The villagers insisted that they should be allowed to dig up the lake and find the diamonds. Vigyan tried to dissuade the villagers and instead suggested that they should all wait and if they wish they should offer prayers. But there were a lot of people who did not believe in the power of prayer and felt that the sarpanch was cheating them by not allowing them to dig up the lake-bed.

Two days was too long a wait. Haji, the potter, whose idea it was to dig up the lake, was very restless. For Laxman this whole business of praying seemed foolish. Every member in his family including himself had been reduced to a bag of bones. He wanted to dig up the lake-bed. He kept at it all night aided by the light of the moon. The day of prayers came. Before sunrise, all the villagers gathered at the lake, knelt down on the dry lake-bed and prayed. Abdul too had gone with his grandfather.

It was a beautiful sight to see people united in adverse times.

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Just as the sun rose, Vigyan came along with people and they had a yagna on the caked lake-bed. The sight of the dug-up lake-bed was like a trigger that had been pulled up. The villagers seized any implement they could grab — pick-axes, spades, shovels, crow-bars-and started digging. By afternoon it was baking hot. The sarpanch pleaded with them to stop but no one was in the mood to listen.

By night, the lake was at least five times deeper than it was. Not a single diamond had been found. Like madmen they kept digging all night. By daybreak the lake was really deep. Suddenly water started oozing out. The soil became slushy and the digging stopped.

Ropes had to be let down to pull the men up. The men were disappointed that there were no diamonds. Angela's novel "The Note" with sales of over , was filmed as the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie for and proved to be the highest rated tel. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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He is haunted by Tom's ghost who was Sarah's brother who died in the house's library fire whiles saving her. Tom being his grandfather's also called jim i think best friend when they were young. The fire occurs around christmas. And i can't figure out what the name is. The ghost of The haunting of.. I've been scratching my head over this for a year now haha.